A Month of Northern Italian inspired by Alessandro Pavoni (Winter 2022 - Month TBC)

A Month of Northern Italian inspired by Alessandro Pavoni (Winter 2022 - Month TBC)

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Passionate about the traditional food of northern Italy, with a flair for beautiful presentation and bright flavours, Alessandro is our expert guide for this month's delicious tour of Piemonte, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto.

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Each 4-week pack includes:

  • a video of Alessandro introducing Northern Italian food
  • 8 x step-by-step recipe videos (6 savoury & 2 sweet)
  • all the premium ingredients necessary to create 4 generous 2-course meals for 2 people - we assume you have salt, pepper, olive oil and wine on hand; we'll also assume you have plain flour, castor sugar and vegetable oil unless you order them here (they're free)
  • delivery
  • wine suggestions with the option to purchase matched wines
  • Spotify playlist of Alessandro's favourite tunes to cook to
  • membership of the Be Inspired online community to share inspiration with other passionate cooks, great chefs and awesome producers
  • extra Italian recipes and food, wine and travel tips

For just $296 ($37/person for each 2-course restaurant-quality meal)

Deliveries are fortnightly (on Friday or Saturday in weeks 1 and 3) with produce packed to remain fresh for at least 10 days and menus designed so that the most perishable foods are used first.