A Month on the Italian Riviera Inspired by Lucio Galletto (No Beef)

A Month on the Italian Riviera Inspired by Lucio Galletto (No Beef)

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Let's spend spring on the Italian Riviera! Liguria, that sunny crescent of Mediterranean coast between Tuscany and France, is famous for pesto, the colourful Cinque Terre, and some of the world’s most steeply terraced vineyards. There’s much more to discover beyond the tourist brochures however – and this month the charming Lucio Galletto will be our expert guide for a deep-dive into the food culture of his home region. Lucio grew up in his parents’ beachside restaurant in Liguria and still has a deep connection to the region's traditional dishes that walk the line between northern and southern Italy.

Ligurian olive oil is light and fresh, like ALTO Olives Delicate EVO - grab a  bottle now to add an authentic flavour to this month's dishes.

A potato ricer is very handy too for making super-light gnocchi.

Each 4-week Kit includes:

  • a video of Lucio discussing the food of his home region: Liguria
  • at least 10 recipe videos (8 savoury; 2 sweet)
  • all the premium ingredients necessary to create 4 generous 2-course meals for 2 people - we assume you have plain flour, castor sugar and vegetable oil unless you order them here (they're free), we also assume you have olive oil, salt and pepper which are available in our MarketPlace
  • a full-colour eMagazine with extra Ligurian recipes, food, wine & travel info
  • delivery
  • matched wine suggestions (with the option to purchase)
  • Spotify playlist of Lucio's favourite music to cook to
  • membership of the Be Inspired online community to share inspiration with our passionate cooks, great chefs and awesome producers
  • an invitation to purchase tickets for the Ligurian 'graduation' dinner in December

Just $42/person for each 2-course restaurant-quality meal!

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