What if I’m not home to receive my delivery?
Our kits are packed in sturdy cardboard boxes with all perishable items packed inside an insulated woollen pouch with an ice brick. If you aren’t home, we will leave your box somewhere safe near your front door and send you a photo.

What if I can’t cook my recipes on the designated weekend?
Fortnightly deliveries mean you can cook any time that suits you. We’ll deliver all the ingredients for 4 delicious dishes for 2 people along with written recipes, links to the recipe videos and a suggested menu plan … but you decide what you cook when. Mix and match the menu items, cook all 4 dishes in 1 weekend or spread them out throughout the fortnight.

Will the recipe videos always be available?
Yes. Our recipe videos are available on YouTube to anyone who has the video link. Most aren’t publicly available as we like to keep them exclusively for our guests. The Be Inspired YouTube channel also has a range of great publicly visible videos featuring our great chefs, awesome producers and some simple recipes.

What if I misplace my recipes?
The links to our recipe booklets should always work. Booklets are updated from time to time based on feedback from our cooks (see date in footer for last update; links should remain the same), so it's worth bookmarking them. If ever a link fails to work, just email us and we’ll resend the link - we love inspiring your cooking adventures!

What if I have dietary requirements?
We cater for many dietary requirements, including pescatarian, no red meat, no pork and no beef. And we have a large community of cooks adept at adjusting our recipes to accomodate gluten free, egg free and dairy free diets who are happy to share their suggestions. We’ll always do our best to accommodate your dietary needs, please email us to discuss.

Are your menus suitable for children?
Our menus are suitable for anyone who loves delicious food and, as you’re doing the cooking, you can adapt recipes to suit your family and friends’ preferences. Be Inspired is a great way to get the kids into the kitchen and the whole family cooking together.