About Be Inspired

Roberta Muir, CEO Be Inspired


I’ve always loved sharing my passion for cooking, eating, drinking and travelling. I remember spending the money an aunt sent for my 12th birthday to take a bunch of friends to a local café which made great pies and chips. That was the first time I ‘entertained’ and sharing my discovery of good food with others gave me such a thrill!

For almost 24 years I ran Australia’s largest recreational cooking school, Sydney Seafood School at Sydney Fish Market. I became immersed in Australia’s exciting food and restaurant world, forming friendships with many great chefs and awesome producers. I also loved meeting the passionate home cooks who attended our classes and helping to inspire their food and wine journey. They’d often email asking for recipe, restaurant or wine suggestions and tips on what and where to eat while travelling - so I started the Food-Wine-Travel website and newsletter to share my food-fuelled experiences. During COVID, my team and I created SSS@Home virtual cooking classes, delivering ingredients and recipes to continue to inspire our guests' cooking adventures while they couldn’t attend our face-to-face classes.

In 2021, as our world started to return to ‘normal’, I realised that what I love doing most is connecting passionate home cooks with awesome producers and great chefs. I have the best fun cooking with my chef friends, at my place or theirs, and over the years I’ve written cookbooks with some of them, hosted cooking classes with just about all of them and – in so doing – learnt to translate their professional 'chef speak’ into ‘home cook speak’.

Now I'll share with you what they’ve taught me, their recipes and their inspiration. With guidance from Australia’s leading chefs and producers we’ll be inspired to confidently and easily experiment with new ingredients, cooking styles and cuisines in our own kitchens at our own pace.

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Let’s be inspired together!

~ Roberta Muir, CEO Be Inspired