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The whole Be Inspired experience has helped me love cooking again. I was sick of cooking the same old things - lockdown and beyond is a lot brighter thanks to you.

Glennis, Caringbah South

Your box of produce that arrived yesterday was sensational. I was truly impressed at the quality of all the food and how well it was packed.

Kate (Killara, NSW)

Thank you for stocking our pantry with such authentic ingredients and quality produce ... I’ve so enjoyed picking fresh leaves from the herb pots and loved listening to the chef's playlist while cooking. We really like the flexibility of cooking over a couple of days and changing the order we cook the dishes in when we want to.

Jen (Tamarama, NSW)

I am absolutely loving these boxes! There are ingredients I have never worked with before so having the confidence to try something new is so much fun! The recipes are just amazing and the notes on what can be prep’d beforehand are a great help too. Thank you so much.

Katrina (Arncliffe, NSW)

“Loving Be Inspired! Felt like a kid opening up a Christmas present when the box arrived. Fresh herb pots are a nice touch!”

Nathan (Manly, NSW)

What you do has made such a difference. Vietnam has been on my bucket list for yonks. I’ve used the Be Inspired food experience to learn new skills and added on Vietnamese films, music and travel docos to give me a holiday at home.

Deb, (Turner, ACT)

“The Duck Laksa was a surprise, we’ve made lots of laksa but this was the best ever. We also really loved the Grilled Tofu Puffs - this sort of dish is why we enjoy what you are doing - a simple dish which just tasted amazing.”

Steve (Russell Lea, NSW)

Thank you Roberta, for all your recipes and information. I love so many of your recipes.  Thank you for enriching my life for so long.

Marj (Wollstonecraft, NSW)

Your recipes are something I always feel confident offering guests and also reasonable in the time to prepare. We often try your recommended wines and suppliers and enjoy your travel tales too!

Pam (Cammeray, NSW)

I have the best fun cooking with my chef friends at my place or theirs!

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